The Poetic New Testament in a parallel version of King James Holy Bible.

A one of a kind, must read, parallel bible, The Poetic New Testament, is translated from the holy bible King James version, which includes all 27 poetry books of the bible that make up the New Testament , plus a study book. Volume One is 50 Select Passages plus the Complete book of Mark.

It is easy to read and understand. The New Testament in religious poetry, as you have never read it before, Created and written by Poet Brady R. Downing Sr.

A Parallel Bible

About reading a parallel book

  The main advantage of The Poetic New Testament, being a parallel book, is that you have both versions, The King James Holy Bible and The Poetic New Testament version, directly in front of you at the same time. 

 The entire Poetic New Testament  is designed this way, so that you can read both,The King James Holy Bible version and then The Poetic New Testament version and compare the content story lines. The poet, Brady R. Downing Sr., went to great lengths to keep his translation of the King James Holy Bible, so that the stories and scripture, do not lose their intended meaning. It goes without saying, this was a very difficult task. But, it was a task that he completed with great pride.

About The Poetic New Testament

Why Poetry?

It is a fact, most songs are rhymes. Rhymes make reading fun and more memorable. So why not the bible? The author has studied The King James, Revised New Standard; the Greek bibles front to back. He has dedicated many years of his life to translate the New Testament into a dynamic poem using layman, everyday terms that both rhyme and are easy to read and understand.

The Bible

Lets face it. The Bible is a very complex group of books that can be very hard to understand. Both Old and New testaments.  Each week, ministers all over the world, churches are filled with people that hear a sermon as it is translated and delivered by the minister. It is their goal to make each sermon memorable.

The Poetic New Testament

The New Testament is made up of 27 individual books. All of the New testament has been written into a dynamic poem. The first book we have chosen to publish, Fifty Select Passages and the complete book of Mark, is just the beginning.  The letters of Paul, a total of 7 books, is slated to be the next books to be published.

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Poetic New Testament

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