The Author

Brady R. Downing Sr. of Smyrna, Tennessee, Author of "The Poetic New Testament"

Brady R. Downing Sr.

(Smyrna, TN.) Brady R. Downing’s poetic career began in 1965 with a poem/song entitled "A Soldiers Prayer." After that Brady wrote several poems and songs. Then in 1982 his biblical poetic career began. While co-teaching a Sunday school class of 5th and 6th graders with friend, Mary Hale, they started using what they called "Poetic Riddles" as a teaching tool. Each week Brady would write several poems about a bible personality or something that  happened in the bible and let the class members figure out who or what it was about. When they couldn't get  the answers soon they would give them the scriptural references to use and find the answer, thereby teaching them the "Look it up" technique. (Then They went home and stumped their parents.)

Later, Brady felt led to write a poem translation of The Book of Exodus. He wrote other bible related poems over  the next few years. Then, in July 1997, the Lord, working through a friend gave him the assignment of writing this book.